BB1 - the New Baby Brennan

10,000 tracks
40,000 Radio Stations
Youtube Video
Bluetooth Speaker
Mains or portable
Web UI and Voice control
There are millions of spine tingling music videos on Youtube
Mix music and videos in playlists
Assign playlists or radio stations to buttons
500 albums - no internet, no problem
Take your music into the garden shed or on picnics
Six watts is loud enough for the dance class
Easy to use
Push the knob to see the menu
Turn and push to select
Press Back to go back
All your favourite radio stations
Take Stormzy on picnic
Simple, sympathetic use of materials - fits in everywhere
Play and load music from USB
Or transfer from your computer
BB1 will even rips CDs
The Brennan BB1 -
totally unique music player
...and conversation piece

Martin Brennan has invented a completely new kind of audio player
Watch the 90 second video introduction.

(CD Mechanism shown in video is not included)


16G 250 albums (5,000 MP3 tracks or 1000 Videos) £179+delivery.
32G 500 albums (10,000 MP3 tracks or 2000 Videos) £199+delivery.
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NB You can order custom built higher capacity BB1s here.


  • Six Watts RMS
  • Portable - 40x100x180mm, 500g (without batteries)
  • 40,000 MP3 tracks or 8,000 videos (or a mix) on 128G model
  • 10,000 MP3 tracks or 2,000 videos (or a mix) on 32G model
  • 5,000 MP3 tracks or 1,000 videos (or a mix) on the 16G model
  • Play/load music from B2/JB7 backup
  • Works as a Bluetooth Speaker
  • Internet radio with 40,000 stations
  • Web UI - control from laptop, phone or tablet
  • Youtube* - search, play and download videos
  • Play music from Spotify
  • Voice control on Android phones
  • 2.8" IPS TFT - great contrast and viewing angle
  • 7 to 9 hours battery life. 
  • Batteries - four AAs can be rechargeable - doesn’t charge them
  • Power in - type C connector - AC adaptor supplied with short 600mm lead - replace with longer lead to suit.
  • USB Port for USB memory, CD, Ethernet, Keyboard, Hub...
  • Internal loudspeakers - two 40mm drivers and passive radiator - mono
  • Wood, Aluminium, Fabric and Plastic construction.
  • Support for external USB headphone DAC - works with £5 generic DACs all the way up to audiophile FiiO DACs. Use this for headphones or audio out.

*Youtube footnote

The Youtube related functions depend on the Youtube website continuing to operate as it does today.



"Just to let you know I am able now to load music onto the BB1 all ways, I would be described as computer illiterate, but I am totally up to speed now. This is really a fantastic piece of kit it really is, it's the best music player I have ever had. 

Thanks again. Robin H "


Youtubers Techload review a pre-production bb1 in this three minute video.


Quick Start Guide


"...I am a classical music fan and it has given me access to performances by great artists that are not simply not available on the likes of Spotify/Apple Music. And it is surprising how good the music is when played through the FiiO E10K and a good set of headphones.

...t was like getting my first transistor radio. I can take it wherever I want. In a word it is a gem.

Many thanks, Nigel B, Sydney"