B2 Documentation

There is a lot of information in this part of the website. It has been divided into topics using the tabs on the left.
If you are new to the B2 take a look at the video guides first.


Search the Brennan website using Google. (NB You will have to scroll past their ads to see results from this website).

Printed manual?

We don't have a printed manual beyond the quick start guide. The web is by far best way to document products like the B2. We can add material to reflect new features on a daily basis. We can revise parts that we haven't explained very well or cause difficulty. And of course we can use video to help explain.

Quick Start Guide download


Please note - the Quick Start Guide shows an early version of the B2 which has 'USB B' on the rear panel. USB B is used by the internal HDD or SSD so cannot be used to connect external USB devices. It has been removed on later production B2s.

Troubleshooting B2 Tips

See the new troubleshooting section