Good News For CD Owners

Martin Brennan reinvents his famous JB7

The Brennan B2 is a CD player with a hard disk that stores up to 5,000 CDs losslessly.

Martin took his popular JB7 concept and added internet and bluetooth.

The result is a compact unit that retains the one click simplicity of the JB7 but adds multi room listening through Sonos and control by smartphone or laptop among many new features.

Bottom line is a device that guarantees months of enjoyment getting to know the Brennan and rediscovering your music collection.

The B2 loads CDs to the hard disk in a few minutes and adds track, album and artist and cover art from the internet.

You can find music in seconds from the front panel or better still from the app or browser.

The B2 has an internal 15+15 watt amplifier and will play through traditional wired speakers.

You can also connect it to an existing hifi setup as a music source.

And finally you can play B2 through Sonos loudspeakers throughout your home.

The Brennan B2 is the only CD player in the world that will play directly to Sonos

CDs are awesome technology. They do not use lossy compression like MP3 or AAC.

That means CDs sound better than MP3 - better transients, better frequency response, no artefacts

That's why the Brennan uses FLAC - it’s a lossless format that stores the music exactly as it is recorded on the CD.

Martin talks about the B2

When I designed the JB7 it was my ideal music player. Before JB7 I had a collection of about 150 CDs but I didn’t listen to them so much. What I most liked about the JB7 was that I could press one button and it would play something at random.

Invariably it would play something I wouldn’t have thought to pick for myself or something forgotten so it was doubly rewarding.

I think the B2 improves on the JB7 in two main ways.

Using the JB7 front panel to browse a larger music collection was slow. The B2 lets you see your music collection in a browser or with our App - so you can pretty much surf your music collection like you use the internet.

The second is that back in 2007 hard disks were still quite small so JB7 relied on MP3 compression to accommodate larger music collections. That’s a bit of a compromise - you lose quality when you compress to MP3

B2 has larger disks and uses FLAC so you hear exactly what was on the CD bit for bit and you can store thousands of CDs.

I’m adding new features all the time. The Sonos multiroom development was the biggest recent development. It's no exaggeration to say I’ve forgotten everything B2 can do.

But it's still the music that I love. I recently discovered Hans Zimmer's soundtrack to the movie Interstellar. Then I rediscovered The Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd. Think about them making that fantastic sound with tape recorders and steel guitars all those years ago. And when I heard the vocalist Clare Torry on the remastered CD my jaw literally dropped as I tried to imagine her performance in the studio in 1972.

Clare was initially paid just £30 for one of the most memorable performances in rock history.